The Professional Association in Crop Nutrition is a non-profit organization gathering:

Active Members:

  • Wholesalers: businesses in Quebec carrying out activities such as the wholesale and distribution of basic fertilizer to be used in agriculture

  • Retailers: businesses in Quebec mixing and selling fertilizers directly to producers

  • Suplliers: businesses whose main activities are the manufacture, production and distribution of raw materials (basic ingr├ędients) to be processed into fertilizers as well as supplying pesticides, fertilizers and seeds

  • Service Suppliers: businesses supplying goods and services to the fertilizer industry such as lab analysis, machinery, fertilizer distribution and application, banking services, Professional advice and insurance.

Associated Members:

  • Research centers and associations that share common themes with Active Members.

Honorary Members:

  • People who worked in the fertilizer industry and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the sector or its issues.