Under four different banners, the members of the PACN operates four distribution centers and over 100 blending plants and warehouses spread to serve all agricultural areas of Quebec. They also own an important fleet of transportation and fertilizer application equipments, made available to agricultural producers. Moreover, the industry provides technical and scientific expertise, allowing agricultural producers to apply, follow and measure the effectiveness of their fertilization plan. Members of the PACN have all the necessary infrastructures, including laboratories, measuring equipments, computer programs and geomatic equipments to support them.

PACN members employ over 1,200 people in Quebec, including nearly 300 plant production consultants. They were all trained and have acquired, over the years, knowledge and considerable expertise in plant production. The consultants have a privileged contact with agricultural producers. Their mandate is to help these producers meet their fertilization needs for the preparation and application of AEFPs, development and preparation of appropriate inputs, agronomic follow-up, data gathering and assessment of qualitative and economic results.

PACN promotes the improvement of manufacturing, distribution and application of fertilizers through the use of high tech procedures and equipments. Consultants working for PACN members also assist agricultural producers on the following topics: sowings and threshings, phytosanitary follow-ups, sreenings, recommendation, etc.